As a colleague and former supervisor of Dr. Stein, I’ve witnessed his clients, who are often tortured by anxiety and worry, put an end to their suffering in a short period of time. He gets impressive results. I have seen him take clients from having extremely severe cases of OCD to being almost symptom-free in a matter of weeks or months. His commitment to utilizing proven, state-of-the-art treatment methods has earned him a reputation for achieving excellent outcomes for people with anxiety and OCD. Dr. Stein is exceptionally talented and I consider him one of the best, most effective therapists for anxiety and OCD that I have known in my 33 years in the field.

- Jon Bell, M.D., Psychiatrist

I had the opportunity to work, virtually side-by-side, with Dr. Sinclair when I was her supervisor for her year of post-doctoral training at the Behavior Therapy Center of Greater Washington.  I, and our entire clinical staff, were unanimous in considering her an uncommonly well-trained and gifted therapist whom we observed helping children, adolescents and adults overcome crippling problems.  I was confident assigning her patients with OCD, severe anxiety, hair pulling disorder and varieties of behavioral problems that would be challenging under any circumstance, and knew that she would provide care at the highest level of competence and professionalism.  I can state, confidently, that persons in Dr. Sinclair’s care are fortunate in receiving help from such an outstanding therapist and a fine and caring person.

- Charles Mansueto, Ph.D., Psychologist