Dani Haberman

Dr. Dani Haberman, Psy.D.

Dani Haberman

My work as an anxiety specialist has been shaped by my personal value of genuine connection with others. It seems that so many people suffer in large part due to shame and embarrassment regarding aspects of their identity. I strive to help people feel accepted for exactly who they are while working together to learn how to take oneself (and particularly one’s mind and negative thoughts) a little less seriously. I approach anxiety treatment with a sense of humor and work hard to help my clients get the relief that I feel everyone deserves. I began practicing Exposure Therapy and getting specialized training in anxiety disorders and OCD during my doctoral training at the University of Denver, and I have never turned back. I love helping people with anxiety get back to enjoying their lives.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology from Florida State University, my Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from University of Denver, and my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from University of Denver. During my doctoral training, I worked at Anxiety Solutions of Denver treating a variety of anxiety disorders, OCD, trichotillomania, and skin-picking disorders. I have also provided mental health treatment and psychological assessments at outpatient forensic practices, correctional settings, community mental health centers, and a community-based training clinic. I completed my APA-accredited doctoral internship at Kaiser Permanente Behavioral Health in Denver, Colorado.

I was born and raised in Miami, Florida where I was happily immersed in different cultures and identities. I am still recovering from endless bugs, hurricanes, and humidity. I live in Denver with my husband, and I am an avid fan of the great indoors. #couchlife! We love spending time with our dogs, eating delicious food, and taking it easy.

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