Tyler Camaione

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D.

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D.

I choose to work with anxiety and OCD because I want to help people live their lives more fully. I trained at Anxiety Solutions of Denver during my graduate training and grew to admire the effort and bravery of my clients working to overcome anxiety and OCD. I enjoy the work so much that I decided to return to Anxiety Solutions and spend my career helping people with anxiety.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. I previously received a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver. I completed my predoctoral internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee, Florida and my postdoctoral fellowship at Anxiety Solutions of Denver before moving out to Reno to work at Anxiety Solutions of Reno.  I am registered as a Psychological Assistant in the State of Nevada, registration #PA093

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing strength training (specifically powerlifting), as I enjoy the personal challenge, achievement, mental toughness, and consistency required to improve. I am the owner of a wonderful chocolate Labrador, named Jake, who has been a constant companion for the last seven years. I am also an avid reader, gamer (both video games and table-top/board games), and tennis player. I am also a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, which, given that I was raised outside of Pittsburgh, has always had hilarious results during rivalry games.

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