Join the Team at Anxiety Solutions

We are always interested in connecting with therapists who think they might be a good fit for our practice.

Interested in working at Anxiety Solutions? We would love to hear from you! Send your resume to our Executive Director, Dr. Michael Stein, at  

Whether we have an open position that would be a fit for you right now or not, we always keep resumes on file and when we do have job openings, we reach back out to potential applicants who have contacted us before.  

What’s great about working at Anxiety Solutions?

All the perks of private practice:

  • Great pay
  • Flexibility in setting your schedule and how much you want to work
  • Lots of vacation time
  • Generally a low-risk clientele to work with

…but without any of the pain points of private practice:

  • No need to worry about marketing: we fill your caseload on the strength of our marketing and reputation
  • No administrative work: we have a dedicated administrative staff that handles scheduling, billing, and onboarding new clients
  • No spending your time or mental bandwidth managing a business, it’s all managed for you
  • You are not alone: you’ll be working with a great team of pleasant people who really care about the quality of our work. Consultation, supervision, and support are always available.

Our organizational philosophy is that happy therapists lead to happy clients, so we are big promoters of good self-care, burnout prevention, time off, and clear work/life boundaries and balance.


What we are looking for in our team members:

Here are some of the things that make therapists a good fit for our practice:

  • Passion for helping people with anxiety and OCD and strong desire to spend your career in this area.
  • Strong training in behavioral or cognitive-behavioral theory and practice
  • Experience in treating anxiety and OCD
  • Training in and experience using Exposure Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (though it’s okay if you are light on specific experience in these modalities, we do training and case consultation/supervision for new hires when needed)

We are also serious about embracing diversity and equal opportunity. We are committed to building a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. The more inclusive we are, the better we will be at our core values of being effective therapists and making top-quality care for anxiety and OCD available to all.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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