How Your Religious Beliefs Are Incorporated in Exposure Therapy for Scrupulosity OCD

Navigating OCD symptoms alongside spiritual or religious beliefs can be challenging and confusing. As we know, OCD tends to latch on to what we value most. Therefore, faith and spirituality are sometimes topics of concern for individuals experiencing OCD, especially for OCD sufferers who are religious. For some, their OCD creates uncertainty about how well they are living in accordance with their faith.  Others experience uncertainty and distress about the meaning of their thoughts within the context of their faith, and many worry that they have committed or will commit an unpardonable sin that will forever condemn them. These individuals may feel urges to confess, compulsively read scripture, and engage in prayer; or to find ways of neutralizing and avoiding sinful or blasphemous thoughts altogether. These patterns of symptoms fall under a type of OCD called “scrupulosity”. Read More

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