Coronavirus update

Anxiety Solutions remains open for business but will temporarily be doing sessions via our online videochat platform rather than in person.

Notice to all of our clients and prospective new clients:

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Stein writing to you, I am the practice manager at Anxiety Solutions. I know this is a stressful time for everyone right now with all that is going on both locally and in the world at large with coronavirus. I hope everyone is staying as safe as possible and doing okay.
I am writing this notice to let all of our clients know that due to the situation with coronavirus, we have decided that Anxiety Solutions will be temporarily switching to online therapy sessions rather than meeting in person. We are making this switch because we believe practicing social distancing, as is being recommended by the CDC and WHO, is the responsible thing to do right now and we want to do our part to help slow the spread of coronavirus. If you are not familiar with the ideas behind why social distancing is important right now, here is some information: Also:
Luckily, Anxiety Solutions is well-equipped to continue providing treatment in this situation because we already have provided online therapy for years using a secure, simple-to-use videochat platform called We have found that this platform works very well and that actually little or nothing is lost compared to an in-person interaction.
Therefore, we are still open for business and accepting new clients as normal, but we will be doing sessions via this online platform rather than meeting in person at our office. If you are a current established client at our practice, we will be contacting you directly to get you set up to do online therapy sessions.
If you are a new client interested in our services, you may contact us like normal and we will get you set up to do online therapy sessions. You may also still schedule via our online scheduler, If you schedule on the online scheduler, we will automatically know to contact you with instructions for setting up online therapy sessions.
If for any reason you are unable or unwilling to do online therapy sessions but are still interested in our services, we can get you on a waitlist to be contacted when we return to doing in person sessions.
You may see on our website that we typically have some eligibility criteria for online therapy. For right now, don’t worry about these. Other than the requirement that you are within Colorado, Nevada, California, or Idaho; we are waiving all of these eligibility requirements for the time being because of coronavirus.
One other last note about switching to online sessions: if you get out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance for your sessions with us, you may want to double check with them that online therapy sessions are also covered. My understanding is that most insurance companies will still cover online sessions, but not all, so contact your insurance company to check on that.
Thank you everyone for your understanding. I know this situation is difficult, and it is important to me that all of our clients still get the treatment they need. We are here to help you through this and we look forward to talking with you soon.
Michael Stein, Psy.D.

Frequently asked questions about online therapy:

  • In online therapy, isn’t some of the person-to-person interaction lost?

    • No, the vast majority of the time we have used our online therapy platform, the connection works very well and the interaction feels normal. The picture and sound are typically good quality and there is typically no lag time. In our experience, it does not end up being much different from sitting in the same room talking in person. 
  • Can’t I just wait a few weeks until the coronavirus outbreak passes and we can meet in person again?

    • While we certainly hope this is a brief interruption to our normal operations, from what we are reading it sounds like current expert opinion is that the need for social distancing is likely to last several months, not weeks. While we understand most people would prefer to meet in person, we feel meeting online is better than having to most likely wait months to get treatment in person.
  • Is the connection secure?

    • Yes, the platform we use,, is designed for medical use so it is HIPAA compliant and heavily encrypted to protect your confidentiality.

  • What if I don’t have a private area at home from which I can do sessions without anyone hearing?

    • This is a very understandable issue. Your confidentiality is important and we do not want you to have to risk others hearing your session. We recommend trying to get creative to find some place you could do it in private or asking others for some privacy during your session time. We can help you try to come up with ideas for ways to make sure you can have privacy to conduct sessions. 
    • We are also offering to purchase a white noise machine for you and send it to you at no charge if that would help with privacy at home. White noise machines are very effective and reliable at blocking sound and we use them at our office to protect confidentiality. If you would like to request one from us, please contact our admin at .
    • We know these are not perfect or ideal answers to the issue of privacty at home, but again, we do not want anyone to have to miss out on treatment because of this situation. Finding a solution to be able to make therapy still happen is better than suffering with anxiety without treatment.


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