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Dr. Matthew Damon, Psy.D., Anxiety/OCD Specialist

We are anxiety specialists who get results.

Anxiety Solutions can help you get relief from anxiety and OCD. We are a team of psychologists and therapists with offices across the West specializing in anxiety and OCD. We offer the most effective form of anxiety treatment, which typically works relatively quickly. 

Las Vegas does not have many therapists specializing in anxiety and OCD, so we offer sessions to clients in the Las Vegas area online through our videochat platform (just like Zoom or FaceTime). We have found that online therapy works great and is more convenient for our clients, and research studies have shown it is just as effective as in person therapy. 

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Anxiety Counseling

Our research-proven treatment methods can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce anxiety.
  • Do anything without anxiety stopping you.
  • Finally feel normal again.

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Our anxiety treatment really works

Sure, almost all therapists say they treat anxiety.

But we are specialists in anxiety.

We ONLY treat clients with anxiety.

AND, we use the most effective approach, proven to get results.

We are action-oriented. We won’t just talk to you about your anxiety, we will show you exactly what to DO about it.

We specialize in Exposure Therapy, which studies have shown to be the most effective treatment for all types of anxiety.

Las Vegas unfortunately has a lack of therapists who have been trained in this proven technique. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they had been to therapy before, but their anxiety did not get any better until they worked with us. Click here to read our client success stories.


Types of anxiety that we treat:

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And more… we help people with all kinds of anxiety and fears.


Success Stories

Read the stories of real clients who got results with Anxiety Solutions:

Chloe’s Success Story:

From Panic Shutting Down Her Life to Regaining Freedom

Chloe was experiencing panic attacks and her fear of having more panic attacks began to take over her life. She quit her job. She quit spending time with friends. 

And possibly worst of all, any decision or opportunity had to first run through the filter of “Will this make me panic?”

She was hesitant to be in any situation alone, thus demanding added attention and reassurance from those closest to her.

She knew it wasn’t logical, but she still felt intense fear during a panic attack, even to the point of feeling like it would never end, or that death was just around the corner.

Finally, she found Anxiety Solutions and was introduced to the concept of Exposure Therapy.

I (Dr. Damon) met with Chloe and taught her a different way of working through her anxiety and panic, leading her to change how she reacted in those instances of intense fear.

Situations which previously invoked fear were now sought out with the confidence that she could deal with the unexpected, and with each decision to move forward, her confidence continued to grow.  

Using the strategies I taught her, Chloe’s panic attacks eventually stopped completely.  She was free to live her life again.

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Winston’s Success Story:

From Overwhelming Stress and Worry to a Calmer Life

Winston led a very successful life. He had a great family, a great job and plenty of friends. In spite of all this, Winston felt his life had been full of anxiety.

He regularly found himself worrying about anything and everything: stressors from work, from relationships, from financial concerns, and from almost any area of life dominated his thoughts.  

He was a worrier. He could not get his mind to let things go. It was incredibly frustrating.

It felt like no matter what enjoyable activity he was engaged in; part of his mind was always consumed with worry. This prevented him from fully enjoying his life and he began to feel hopeless that this would ever get better.

Winston decided to look for an anxiety specialist and was connected with me (Dr. Damon) at Anxiety Solutions.

I taught Winston that the trigger for his anxiety is uncertainty.  We overthink and overanalyze situations when we feel uncertain.   

I showed Winston how to identify this pattern in himself, cut off the worry process, and change his response so that his mind would be free to focus on the good things in his life.

Winston applied these principles and learned to let go of worry.  He began to feel much less anxiety.

He stopped thinking constantly about worst-case scenarios.  He found himself able to more fully enjoy his hobbies, his work, and his relationships.

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Note: In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, each of the above stories is a combination of the stories of several real clients.  The names and any potential identifying information have also been changed.

Meet Our Team of Anxiety Specialists Serving Las Vegas

Dr. Matthew Damon, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Las Vegas via online therapy

Dr. Matthew Damon, Psy.D.

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Why choose online therapy with us?

Because anxiety and OCD often require specialized help that is not easy to find locally in the Las Vegas area. Anxiety and OCD are best treated by a specialist using Exposure Therapy.  For some clients, these disorders will not respond successfully to other treatments.

When anxiety and OCD specialists are not available locally, online therapy is a great alternative. Studies have shown that it works the same as live therapy. You can also do it from the convenience of home, which helps avoid scheduling and transportation issues.

Our anxiety and OCD therapists serve clients in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Boulder City, and all across the Las Vegas Valley.


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