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Is anxiety taking over your life or your child’s life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try? Have you tried anxiety therapy or medication already but found it ineffective?

Anxiety Solutions of Reno can help. Dr. Tyler Camaione is an anxiety specialist in Reno who specializes in anxiety and OCD. We offer the most effective form of anxiety treatment, which typically works relatively quickly. You or your child deserve to get relief from anxiety.

Read on below to learn all about how we can help…

Dr. Tyler Camaione, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D., Anxiety and OCD Specialist


Anxiety Counseling
for Adults

Our research-proven treatment methods can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce anxiety.
  • Do anything without anxiety stopping you.
  • Finally feel normal again.

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Anxiety Counseling
for Teens

Our treatment techniques have been proven effective for adolescents. We can help:

  • Dramatically reduce your child’s anxiety.
  • Get them back on track in school.
  • Show you exactly what to do when your child gets anxious.

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Testimonials: What Other Professionals Say About Us

Dr. Camaione is uniquely knowledgeable and skilled in working with clients with anxiety and OCD. As a former supervisor of his, I saw him get impressive results for his clients with these issues. He is passionate about helping his clients get better. For anyone struggling with anxiety or OCD, I highly recommend Dr. Camaione.

– Dr. Jim Gallagher, Psy.D., Psychologist

Dr. Camaione is an expert in treating anxiety and OCD. He does excellent work and he stands out for his creativity in tailoring Exposure Therapy and other interventions to his clients’ unique needs. Thanks to his intelligence, dedication to his clients, and specialized training, his clients typically achieve major reductions in their anxiety and related symptoms. He is among the most effective therapists I have seen for anxiety and OCD.

– Michael Stein, Psy.D., Psychologist

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Testimonials: What Our Clients Say about Us

These quotes come from real clients who have completed therapy with Dr. Camaione.

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  • I have never been more grateful for the things I learned during my therapy sessions here. I still try to apply and practice, and I can see the incredible difference in myself! I’m so so so happy thank you so much!!!!
  • Best therapy ever! Very much goal oriented and driven. No-nonsense quick results.


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Our anxiety treatment really works

Sure, almost all therapists say they treat anxiety.

But we are specialists in anxiety.

We ONLY treat clients with anxiety.

AND, we use the most effective approach, proven to get results.

We are action-oriented. We won’t just talk to you about your anxiety, we will show you exactly what to DO about it.

We specialize in Exposure Therapy, which studies have shown to be the most effective treatment for all types of anxiety.

We are among the few therapists in Reno who have been trained in this proven technique. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they had been to therapy before, but their anxiety did not get any better until they worked with us. Click here to read our client success stories.

Types of anxiety that we treat:

To learn more about each type of anxiety, click the blue and green buttons.

  • Click the blue buttons below for help for adults.
  • Click the green buttons below for help for children/teens.

We can help you with many other types of anxiety as well.


Success Stories

Read the stories of real clients who got results with Dr. Camaione:

Sarah’s Success Story:

From Worrying about Everything to Being Peaceful and Present with Her Family

Sarah had dealt with some anxiety most of her life, but recently she started feeling anxious out of the blue. She felt like there was no real reason for it, it just seemed random. This made her feel even worse because she felt like she shouldn’t be anxious.

She would spend hours thinking about worst-case scenarios and all of the possible “what if’s” so that she would feel fully prepared for anything.

She became consumed by worries about something happening to her child, husband, or dog, and she would check in on them constantly throughout the day.  Eventually, she worried that the anxiety would never go away

Then Sarah heard about Anxiety Solutions and gave it a try, despite feeling helpless.

After a few sessions of Exposure Therapy with me (Dr. Camaione), Sarah’s anxiety decreased dramatically.

She used new skills and approaches to deal with her worries.  Sarah felt hopeful about her future as she learned to let go of the agonizing thoughts that used to consume her.

By the end of treatment, Sarah felt like a different person.

She was finally able to enjoy her time both with her family and at work, and for the first time in her life she felt like she really had relief from anxiety.  

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Jeremy’s Success Story: 

From Test-Taking Anxiety And OCD To Newfound Confidence and Less Stress Over School

Jeremy had always been a high-achiever and a perfectionist. After starting high school, he became so anxious about grades that he began spending hours checking his answers on assignments and redoing homework to ensure that he didn’t miss anything.   He also felt he had to repeatedly check to make sure doors were locked when he left the house and had trouble driving because he would drive in circles to make sure he hadn’t hit anybody.  

It became clear to Jeremy’s parents that he had Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  

When his parents became exhausted by Jeremy’s behaviors, they decided to try Exposure Therapy for his OCD, which they had heard about from a friend.

At Anxiety Solutions, I (Dr. Camaione) showed Jeremy how to face his fears, and he quickly learned how to tolerate uncertainty and embrace mistakes.

His parents felt relieved even after the first session when we made a behavioral plan that they put into practice right away.  I showed them exactly how to respond when Jeremy did his OCD behaviors, and I helped them learn how they could best help him at home.

After several sessions, Jeremy was feeling more relaxed and by the end of treatment, he felt like a normal kid. He stopped worrying about school,  got homework done quickly, and stopped his checking behaviors. 

Click here to read Jeremy’s full success story…

Click here to read more of our clients’ success stories…

Note: In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, each of the above stories is a combination of the stories of several real clients. The names and any potential identifying information have also been changed.

Meet Our Reno Anxiety Specialists

Dr. Tyler Camaione, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D., Anxiety and OCD Specialist

I choose to work with anxiety and OCD because I want to help people live their lives more fully. I trained at Anxiety Solutions during my graduate training and grew to admire the effort and bravery of my clients working to overcome anxiety and OCD. I enjoy the work so much that I decided to return to Anxiety Solutions and spend my career helping people with anxiety.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver, and I completed my postdoctoral fellowship at Anxiety Solutions of Denver.

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing strength training (specifically powerlifting), as I enjoy the personal challenge, achievement, mental toughness, and consistency required to improve. I am the owner of a wonderful chocolate Labrador, named Jake, who has been a constant companion for the last seven years. I am also an avid reader, gamer (both video games and table-top/board games), tennis player, and Baltimore Ravens fan.

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Our Reno Address

Anxiety Solutions of Reno

85 Keystone Ave Suite 203

Reno, Nevada 89503

Driving Directions

Our office is conveniently located near the Riverwalk district and Midtown in central Reno, just south of I-80 and just north of the Truckee River.

From I-80, take the Keystone Avenue exit and head south. Our building is on Keystone Avenue just south of West 1st Street.

We are on the 2nd floor in Suite 203. You may enter the suite and make yourself at home in our waiting room. Your therapist will come get you at your appointment time.



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