Check Your Eligibility For Online Therapy

Check Your Eligibility for Our Online Therapy Services

Although the services we provide in online therapy are largely the same as those we provide in person, the nature of online therapy does create some important differences that bring up certain legal and ethical issues. Because we need to abide by the legal and ethical codes of our profession, there are several potential reasons why we may not be able to offer our online therapy services to you.

We strongly recommend that you read about these restrictions on this page to ensure we will be able to help you before reaching out to us. Please understand that if you book an online therapy appointment with us and we learn during your session that one of these restrictions applies to you, we will need to end the session and it is our policy that we do not give refunds if this happens. It is your responsibility to make sure before your session that none of the following restrictions applies to you.

These restrictions are:


Your Location

Different states and countries have different laws regarding the practice of online therapy. Unfortunately, these laws are fairly restrictive if you live inside the United States or Canada; in these countries, the therapist is required to be licensed to practice in the state/province where the client is located, not just where the therapist is located. Because licenses for psychologists and therapists are granted state-by-state rather than nationally, can only practice online therapy in the states where they are licensed.

Therefore, we are only able to serve clients who are located in the following U.S. states:

  • Colorado
  • California
  • Idaho
  • Nevada

Providing online therapy in other countries also poses some legal hurdles. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to provide our services to clients in other countries. 

Please also understand that online therapy is really meant to be used in situations where face-to-face services are not easily available, typically because there are no anxiety specialists near where you live or for scheduling or financial reasons. In your first session or your phone consultation, you will discuss with your therapist whether online therapy services are the best option for you. Please understand that if it seems you should be able to come see us or another local anxiety expert in person, we may decide that online therapy is not appropriate for you.

Again, at this time, we are only able to help clients located in Colorado, California, Idaho, and Nevada.



We offer online therapy to clients age 15 and older. If you are seeking help for a child 14 or younger, we unfortunately do not offer our online therapy service to kids in this age range.


Safety Rule-Outs

There are certain clinical issues that pose risks to clients’ safety which we are comfortable handling in person but are not able to accommodate via online therapy because we do not feel it is safe or responsible for us to do so.

We Will Unfortunately Not Be Able to Help You If Any of the Following Apply to You:

  • Any self-harm behavior in the past 6 months, such as a suicide attempt, cutting, or otherwise purposely attempting to hurt oneself.    Thoughts about self-harm are very common in the issues we treat and are not a rule-out. Only self-harm behavior is a rule-out.   Hair pulling (trichotillomania) and skin picking are also not rule-outs, we are happy to treat these issues.
  • Overnight hospitalization or residential treatment for psychiatric reasons within the past 6 months.
  • Substance abuse within the past month.
    • If you have had substance abuse issues in the past but have abstained from problem substances in the past month, we will be willing to see you but will require that you continue to abstain for the entirety of your treatment with us.

Technical Requirements

Please click here to make sure your computer will be able to handle the technical requirements of our videochat software.


Limitations of Online Therapy Unique to Exposure Therapy

There are some potential but solvable logistical issues in doing our therapy online. Exposure Therapy, the treatment we use with almost all of our clients, is a very unique form of psychotherapy. One of the things that is different about it is that we will sometimes go outside of our office with clients to do things to help them confront their fears directly. For instance, we will go driving with a client who is afraid of driving, or we may go out somewhere with lots of people (like a shopping mall) to practice striking up conversations for a client with social anxiety. For some of these types of exposures, it will of course be impossible to do them with us during sessions via videochat for obvious logistical reasons.

In situations where we might do such exposure techniques with you if we were able to see you in person, we will simply work around this by giving you detailed, specific instructions on how to conduct these exposures on your own. For clients who are motivated and follow through on using such techniques on their own, we believe this works just fine (logistical limitations like this happen sometimes even for clients we see in person). Early research about online exposure therapy also suggests that it is as effective as in-person exposure therapy.  Nonetheless, we do try to make our clients aware of this limitation when it may apply to their treatment. If you feel you may be the type of person who is unlikely to follow through on doing difficult, anxiety-inducing tasks like this on your own because we cannot do them with you like we normally would, online therapy with us may not be the best fit for you. Please keep in mind that it is normal to be uncertain about this and hesitant about Exposure Therapy. This part is up to your own judgment whether you think doing exposure via online therapy will be a good fit for you or not given this potential limitation.


Where to Go If We Can’t Help

If we are unable to be of help to you for any of the above reasons, we are sincerely sorry. We recommend trying your best to find someone local to you. We know that it can be difficult to find an anxiety specialist locally in many places, which is why we offer online therapy in the first place, but here, in the order in which we recommend them, are some good places to look online which have therapist directories to see if you can find someone local:

If you are unable to find someone local who specializes in anxiety/OCD, we recommend seeing a generalist as it is likely better than getting no help at all. We recommend at least trying to find someone who practices behavioral or cognitive behavioral therapy.  We also know of one other practice that specializes in anxiety and OCD that does online therapy who does offer services in other places:

Please also understand that unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests for help that we receive, we are not able to personally try to help find local referrals for everyone who contacts us. In most areas outside where we have our offices, we are unlikely to know of a local practitioner personally and would refer you to the above websites anyway.  Again, if any of these criteria apply to you, we’re sorry that we will be unable to help.

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