Courageous Kids Camp for Selective Mutism

Get Your Child Talking Comfortably

Does your child suffer from Selective Mutism? Is it difficult or impossible to get them to talk in certain situations?

The good news is that Selective Mutism IS treatable, if you find the right help from an experienced specialist.

Our Courageous Kids Camp (held in Denver) is an intensive three-day program that can help get your child talking and actually have fun while improving!

If you are the parent of a child with Selective Mutism, you are probably feeling very frustrated. You know your child can talk and converse just fine with you and in some situations, but for some reason they seem to clam up at other times. You know they can do it, but sometimes they just won’t, and this can be embarrassing and confusing. They are probably feeling nervous and embarrassed too! As a parent, you just want them to be able to calm down and talk.

Here are some common things parents say to us when seeking help for their child with Selective Mutism:

  • “She is so bubbly and blabby at home. I was shocked when I found out that she is barely saying a word in her classroom.”
  • “He talks to his friends on the playground endlessly. Once an adult comes by, no way!”
  • “Teachers say that she’ll answer some questions in school. But she’ll only talk to her closest friends at home.”

At Courageous Kids Camp, our experienced therapists specialize in treating Selective Mutism. They know how to ease your child’s fears and get them talking more comfortably in more situations.

This intensive three-day camp can help:

  • Decrease your child’s fear about talking in front of certain people
  • Prepare them for the challenges of school in the fall
  • Teach parents specific strategies to help both in and out of school
  • Decrease school anxiety

What Happens at Courageous Kids Camp?

In a pseudo-school day, we use fun activities common to the classroom to build confidence and approach speaking. Each child has an adult counselor to work on their specific goals, meaning they will get one-on-one attention the entire time. There is circle time, a guest storyteller, movement and music, playground time, field trips, and Show and Tell. We always use a systematic, positive approach with praise and rewards, and a daily trip to the Prize Store! Research on short-term, intensive camps for treating Selective Mutism suggests that it is an effective, efficient method of treatment. The camp uses principles of Exposure Therapy, a proven treatment technique for all kinds of anxiety, including Selective Mutism. Our therapists have extensive training and specialized experience in using this treatment. Exposure Therapy typically gets excellent results for kids with anxiety and Selective Mutism. Click here to learn more about Exposure Therapy.

The next three-day intensive camp will take place from Friday, August 2, 2018 to Sunday, August 4, 2018. It will be run by Dr. Claire Dean Sinclair, Director of our Selective Mutism Program.

Cost of three-day intensive Courageous Kids Camp: $2100

This all-inclusive fee includes:

  • Initial intake assessment
  • 2 slide-in sessions to warm-up to the therapist and counselors, get to know your child, and begin parent education before the camp.
  • The three-day camp, which is 6 hours per day for a total of 18 hours of intensive, one-on-one therapy.
  • 1 hour of post-camp consultation, which is usually done with your child’s school to coordinate your child’s continued progress.
  • 7.5 hours of parent training/education in the techniques used at camp so that parents can continue the progress back home.
  • A post-camp report

Note that this ends up being much less expensive than ongoing individual therapy for your child’s selective mutism. Individual therapy can take around 20 sessions (less than the 30 total hours of service they and you will get before, at, and after the camp) and the going rate is around $160 per session, meaning a full course of therapy would cost roughly 20 ×$160 = $3200. Especially given that a trained counselor will be working with your child one-on-one for the entirety of the camp, the Courageous Kids Camp presents a major bargain for helping your child with Selective Mutism. Your child CAN learn to talk more, and with less anxiety in all situations. They just need the right help. If you are ready to get your child help for Selective Mutism, contact us and we’ll get started. Here are your next steps:

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  2. Contact us at 303-940-7740 to set up your free phone consultation so we can better understand your child’s unique needs and help you decide if the Courageous Kids Camp would be right for you and your child.