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You Can Stop Your Struggle with Anxiety

Did you know that anxiety is one of the most treatable problems that clients bring to therapy?

This is true IF you’re working with an experienced therapist who is trained in effective treatment approaches.

Research shows that the anxiety counseling techniques we use work better than ANY other methods.


If you’re seeking a psychologist for anxiety or OCD, you’ve probably been struggling with anxiety for some time. You may have seen other therapists. You’ve worked hard to try to control it, but nothing has worked.

Anxiety. Worry. Fear.

These feelings are so familiar – In fact, they might feel like your constant (unwanted) companions.

It could be a general uneasiness that you feel and a preoccupation and worry about what is going to happen in the future. OR, perhaps sometimes you think you’re going crazy or that you’ll feel anxious forever. Whatever the case…

You’re desperate for relief.

At Anxiety Solutions, we specialize solely in the treatment of anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Our therapy clients come from all walks of life and experience moderate to severe anxiety.


Here are some things our counseling clients say when they come to see us:

  • “I can’t stop worrying. I always imagine the absolute worst is going to happen.”
  • “My anxiety (or OCD) is out of control. I am afraid I’m always going to feel this way.”
  • “I am so nervous and shy in social situations that I avoid them like the plague. If I do try to be social, I feel so much fear that my mind goes blank and I can’t say anything!”
  • “Sometimes my heart races and my breathing becomes so fast that I feel like I am going to die.”
  • “Is this actually anxiety or is something wrong with my body?”
  • “I obsess all the time. I get these terrible thoughts in my head that I can’t get out no matter how hard I try. I repeat the same behaviors over and over just to get relief. It makes me feel crazy.”
  • “I just want to be like a normal person. I feel hopeless sometimes.”

The types of anxiety we treat in our counseling practice include:

  • Over-Worrying About What Could Happen (Generalized Anxiety Disorder):   

    This type of anxiety occurs when you spend a lot of your time worrying excessively. It could be your relationship, your finances, your health, or your job. It seems there is always something you have to feel anxious about. You simply can’t control it. It completely takes over your life at times.
  • Panic Attacks (Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia):  

    When anxiety gets very severe, you might feel panicky and fear that something is seriously wrong with you. Your heart can pound and you can have trouble breathing. It might feel so intense-even painful- that you might be terrified that you’ll actually die. Or it may feel like you’ll lose control of yourself completely.
  • Constant Obsessing (OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder):   

    If you are someone who obsesses constantly, can’t stop repeating certain behaviors, or has been diagnosed with OCD, your life is likely very stressful. It might seem impossible to function with any kind of normalcy. You may feel like your situation is hopeless. You may fear you will never have a normal life. It can feel like your obsessions and compulsions are completely destroying your life.
  • Fear of Social Situations (Social Anxiety Disorder):   

    You might dread social functions and either make an excuse to get out of them or try to become invisible in the corner of the room, hoping no one will notice you. You never know what to say to people. You want to have more friends but don’t know how. In its most extreme form, social anxiety can be so debilitating that you might keep yourself locked away at home.

At Anxiety Solutions, We Have a Proven Track Record of Treating ALL Forms of Anxiety

Whether your anxiety is interfering in your daily life or is totally debilitating, we can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce anxious feelings.
  • Be able to do anything without anxiety stopping you.
  • Live more in the “here and now” and enjoy life.
  • Feel more comfortable in social situations. You may be surprised to discover that you have more social skills than you think once you deal with your anxiety.
  • Make decisions more easily, more quickly and with greater confidence.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel more at ease and at peace with yourself. You can finally feel like a normal person.

Skeptical That Our Anxiety Therapy Will Really Help?

You might have trouble believing that it’s possible to finally be relieved of your overwhelming worries and fears. When you’ve been struggling for a long time, this is not at all surprising.

Perhaps it will help if we tell you why we feel we are best suited to help you:

  1. We practice a specialized, research-proven form of anxiety therapy.

    Research shows that Exposure Therapy (a type of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy) is the absolute most effective form of treatment for anxiety. The problem is that few therapists are trained in this method. We are among the few in our locations who are trained in and practice Exposure Therapy.  

    This is why we are able to get results even if other types of counseling have not worked for you before.
  2. We are anxiety specialists.

    We spend all our professional time studying and treating anxiety and related problems. We stay up-to-date with the latest research and only treat anxiety patients. You can be sure you are receiving treatments based on current science from experienced experts.
  3. You don’t have to worry that your type of anxiety is too ”weird” or unusual for us.

    People often come in thinking they have a special, unique, or weird type of anxiety that will be new to us, but this is rarely the case. We have experience with everyday anxiety or what may seem like the most bizarre symptoms. You can feel confident that regardless of what form your anxiety takes, we’ll understand and be able to help.
  4. We go above and beyond what most therapy provides:

    We will teach you what to DO about anxiety.

    Sure we’re empathic and supportive because we know how frustrating and depressing an anxiety disorder can be. But we offer so much more than just a person to talk to- we are active, direct and actually show you techniques that WILL help with your anxiety. 

    We even take it one-step further –we’ll do just about everything that we ask you to do with you. We’ll actually be with you as you work through your fears. We’ll go with you to wherever we need to go in order to help you deal with your anxiety—whether it’s your home or some place you’ve been scared to go. Our counseling sessions are action-oriented and get proven results.
  5. We provide extra support outside of scheduled sessions.

    We also offer phone or email guidance in between counseling sessions when you need extra support. In short, we do whatever it takes to help you get the relief you deserve. We act as your partner; we want you to get better.
  6. We offer evening and Saturday appointments.  

    We know you may be busy during work hours on weekdays, so we offer convenient scheduling in the evenings and all day Saturday (depending on which therapist you see).

If you are ready to get relief from your anxiety, contact us and we’ll get started.

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