Child/Teen Generalized Anxiety

Children’s Generalized Anxiety Therapists
in Denver

Is your child a worrier?

Do they get stressed out easily?

Are they always concerned that something will go wrong?

If so, your child may be suffering from generalized anxiety.

But the good news is that help is available.

We use a unique method that has been proven to reduce generalized anxiety and worry in children and teens.

Children and teens who worry excessively can seemingly find almost anything to worry about. One day they’re stressed about school or relationships with peers. The next day they fear for their health or the family’s safety.

It probably seems that no matter how much you try to reassure them that everything is ok, they always find something to worry about. This can be frustrating as a parent, because you can’t get them to see things rationally and calm down.

They probably get irritable and difficult to deal with too. It may seem like they get “set off” easily, which can lead to fights and temper tantrums. And if the anxiety is focused on school, they may fake sick or even refuse to go.

Parenting an anxious child can be so confusing and frustrating. If you are at your wit’s end, you are not alone.

Here are some things parents often tell us they notice in their children and teens with generalized anxiety:

  • They feel anxious or stressed most of the time.
  • They worry about lots of different things (e.g. school, health, safety).
  • They ask lots of questions for reassurance, like “Is it going to be ok?” They may ask reassurance questions repeatedly.
  • They often seem “down” or just in a bad mood. 
  • Younger children may be “clingy” or not want to sleep in their own room at night.
  • They are “perfectionists”. They hold themselves to unreasonably high standards and are very hard on themselves when they fail to meet these standards.
  • They have trouble concentrating. It seems to take them longer than it should to do school work.

At Anxiety Solutions, We Know How to Get Your Child
to Stop Worrying and Enjoy Life Again

If your child is stressed and worried all the time, we can help:

  • Greatly reduce your child’s anxiety and stress.
  • Show your child how to put a stop to the worry cycle.
  • Show you how to respond when they ask for reassurance.
  • Reduce tantrums and fights at home.
  • Improve school performance.
  • Restore their confidence.
  • Get your child to relax and enjoy themselves again.

Even the most anxious children can achieve a peaceful, normal life. Knowing your child is no longer suffering with anxiety will put your mind at ease and lead to a more harmonious home life for the whole family.

Why choose us to help your child with their anxiety?

Because generalized anxiety can be a complicated, tricky problem, and your child needs someone who is deeply knowledgeable about it.

Our practice is focused entirely on treating anxiety disorders and related problems. We are far more specialized in helping children with anxiety than most other therapists. This means that we spend all of our professional time studying and treating anxiety.

With us, you can rest assured that you are taking your child to someone who is an expert in their specific problem with worry and generalized anxiety.

Click here to learn more about what makes us unique.

We also use a unique approach called Exposure Therapy, which research studies have proven to be highly effective for children and teens with generalized anxiety. Though it is considered the gold standard of anxiety treatment, very few therapists in the areas we are located use this technique.

Click here to learn more about Exposure Therapy.

Having a child who worries too much can be a drain on the entire family. But there is hope. With the right treatment from the right therapist, your child can learn to put a stop to their worry and get relief from their anxiety. We can help them do it.

If you’re ready to help your child stop worrying and reduce their anxiety, contact us today and we’ll get started.

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