Alex’s Success Story

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Alex’s Success Story:

From Intense OCD to Stopping All His Compulsions

For as long as he could remember, Alex had struggled with severe OCD. He suffered with having intrusive thoughts about violent, disturbing things happening to him and his family.

Alex’s OCD grew even worse when he got married and started a family.

Alex’s wife and son became the subject of many of his thoughts. He had thoughts about catching a contagious deadly disease, getting robbed or even killed, and that his house would burn down with him and his family in it. He even worried that he could cause these things to happen just by thinking about them.

He felt so guilty for having these thoughts.

Even worse, he couldn’t figure out why he kept thinking about such horrible things. He spent a lot of time worrying and trying to figure out why he had these thoughts. It made him feel like a bad person for even having the thoughts.

Alex felt he had to perform certain rituals to try to control his intrusive thoughts.

He forced himself to repeat simple actions, such as repeatedly locking doors, washing his hands, checking the stove, and calling his wife and son. He would do these things if he had a bad thought in an attempt to calm himself.

Unfortunately, these rituals only made his thoughts worse and it took him hours to do the things he needed to do throughout the day because he’d have to do them over and over until he could get rid of the bad thoughts.

Alex’s OCD was hurting his professional career and his marriage.

Over the years, Alex tried various kinds of therapy and medication to help with his intrusive thoughts.

Sometimes it would make him feel better for a while but it never lasted.

Alex’s OCD got to the point where his wife wanted a divorce, his son didn’t want to spend time with him, and his coworkers were concerned about his job performance.


Alex heard about Anxiety Solutions from a colleague and decided to give therapy one more chance.

I (Dr. Thors) began doing Exposure Therapy with Alex. After a few sessions learning the strategies I taught him, Alex’s OCD began to decrease.

Alex was amazed to find that he was able to do things he never thought possible before.

He was able to stop himself from doing his compulsions. He was able to work and do things at home much more quickly. He stopped feeling like he was a bad person for having the thoughts.

Alex’s anxiety subsided and he eventually reached the point where he hardly ever had the OCD thoughts anymore. His life began to improve. He was able to spend more quality time with his wife and son and they finally got to enjoy him again.

By the time he finished working with me, Alex had conquered his OCD.

Now that he was free from his OCD, he also became more productive at work. After a few months, he was doing so much better that he even got a job promotion!

Alex was so happy that after all these years of his life spent struggling with OCD, he was finally able to feel normal and at peace.

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