Lisa’s Success Story

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Lisa’s (age 15) Success Story:

From Refusing To Go To School Because Of Anxiety To Enjoying School And Spending Time With Her Friends.

Lisa was an anxious kid since she was very young. She worried all the time about her academic performance and about being embarrassed in front of teachers or friends at school… It seemed like her mind was always bouncing around from worry to worry.

By the time she was 15, it got so bad that Lisa began to find ways to skip some of her classes or even entire school days.

Lisa would often talk about her worries with her parents. They would try to reassure her that she’d do fine in school and that her friends were not going to judge her as harshly as she feared, but those positive messages just didn’t seem to stick.

Lisa feared that her parents were getting tired of listening to her ongoing anxiety and decided to avoid these conversations and the stressful situations by isolating herself and often refusing to go to school.

Lisa’s anxiety got so bad that it began to manifest in intense physical symptoms.

Lisa felt so worried that it sometimes started to make her sick. It often got so bad that she would have an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Lisa started to feel depressed and the anxiety was now impeding her life even outside of school. She lost interest in things she normally enjoyed, like playing sports and hanging out with friends and family.

Lisa’s parents felt at a loss; they didn’t know what to do.

They wanted her to go to school but could see how much pain she was in and didn’t know what to do when she refused.


Things became so bad that her parents decided it was time to seek help. Her parents heard about Anxiety Solutions and decided to give it a try.

Utilizing the skills I (Dr. Thors) showed her in Exposure Therapy, Lisa got much better at letting things go instead of obsessing on her fears. This made her feel more comfortable trying to go back to school. I also taught her parents how to help her best when she felt anxious, which made them feel more empowered because now they knew what to do.

As she learned how to spend less time worrying, her anxiety began to subside.

She was able go back to school and perform more effectively, but without all the stress she had before. She stopped needing so much reassurance from her parents, teachers and friends, which improved her relationships with them.

Lisa´s parents were so happy and relieved to see their daughter attending school again and enjoying her renewed social life.

Lisa´s physical symptoms also went away as her anxiety continued to get better. She regained her confidence academically and around her friends. Lisa felt proud of her progress and started to enjoy the life of a normal kid again.

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