Sarah’s Success Story

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Sarah’s Success Story:

From Worrying about Everything to Being Peaceful and Present with Her Family

Sarah had dealt with some anxiety most of her life, but recently she started feeling anxious out of the blue. She felt like there was no real reason for it, it just seemed random. This made her feel even worse because she felt like she shouldn’t be anxious.

She had always been a planner and problem-solver, making sure that she had thought out every detail of how things would go in the future so that everything would go the way she wanted and be okay.

She would spend hours thinking about worst-case scenarios and all of the possible “what if’s” so that she would feel fully prepared for anything.

After a while, she started agonizing over things, both large and small. When she was at home, she would often think about work, and when she was at work, she would worry about her life at home. She felt like she couldn’t stop worrying.

She became consumed by worries about something happening to her child, husband, or dog, and she would check in on them constantly throughout the day.

Sarah started losing sleep, and would instead stay up late researching online about whatever trouble was on her mind

Even when she was spending time with her family and friends, she would really be in her head, thinking about what might go wrong next and planning a way to correct it. She began feeling very guilty about being so distracted when she felt she should be enjoying time with her baby and husband.

Sarah’s marriage began to suffer when she started worrying that her husband might cheat on her or leave her because of her anxiety.

Her husband encouraged her to try therapy, and she found a traditional therapist who was very nice but who would only talk with her about her problems. She did not feel any different after months of trying to find the “root cause” of her anxiety.

Eventually, she worried that the anxiety would never go away.

Then Sarah heard about Anxiety Solutions and gave it a try, despite feeling helpless.

After a few sessions of Exposure Therapy with me (Dr. Camaione), Sarah’s anxiety decreased dramatically.

She used new skills and approaches to deal with her worries and she started feeling more connected with her husband than ever before

Sarah felt hopeful about her future as she learned to let go of the agonizing thoughts that used to consume her.

Her sleep improved and she eventually stopped feeling so guilty.

By the end of treatment, Sarah felt like a different person. She was finally able to enjoy her time both with her family and at work, and for the first time in her life she felt like she really had relief from anxiety.

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