Success Stories

Read Success Stories of Real Clients We’ve Treated:

Adult Anxiety Success Stories

John’s Success Story: From Feeling like a Social Misfit to “A Changed Man”

Amy’s Success Story: From Severe Panic Attacks Crippling Her Life to Being Panic-Free

Tom’s Success Story: From Non-Stop Worry to Learning How to Let Things Go and Enjoy Life

Julie’s Success Story: From Intense OCD To Stopping All Her Compulsions

Sarah’s Success Story: From Worrying about Everything to Being Peaceful and Present with Her Family

Luke’s Success Story: From OCD About Germs Ruining His Home Life to A Return to Normalcy

Natalie’s Success Story: From Persistent Fear About Her Health to Knowing How to Stop Worrying

Winston’s Success Story: From Overwhelming Stress and Worry to a Calmer, More Confident Resilience

Chloe’s Success Story: From Panic Shutting Down Her Life to Regaining Freedom


Child/Teen Anxiety Success Stories

Sandy’s (age 10) Success Story: From Being Tortured by OCD Fears of Getting Sick to Becoming a Happy, Care-free Child

David’s (age 16) Success Story: From Severe Social Anxiety to Making New Friends and Gaining Confidence

Jeremy’s Success Story: From Test-Taking Anxiety And OCD To Newfound Confidence and Less Stress Over School

Note: In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, each of the above stories is a combination of the stories of several real clients.  The names and any potential identifying information have also been changed.

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