List of States Our Therapists Serve

List of Which of Our Therapists Can Do Online Therapy in Which States

Because licensure for psychologists is done on a state-by-state basis rather than nationally, our therapists are only able to treat clients within certain states.  This means that not all of our therapists are eligible to practice in all of the states we serve.  See below for a list of which therapists can practice in each state.

Please note that what matters for determining your eligibility to see us is not what state you have residence in, it is where you are physically at the time of your session. Therapists doing online therapy must be licensed both where the therapist is and where the client is. This unfortunately means that if you are not in any of the states that we serve at the time of your session, we will not be able to do therapy with you because it would mean we are technically practicing without a license.


Dr. Michael Stein, Psy.D.

Dr. Abby Jay, Psy.D.

Dr. Tom Gaus, Psy.D.

Dr. Molly St. Denis, Psy.D.

Victoria Rellas, M.A.

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D.

Emma Bossier

Seamus Power


Dr. Stein, Dr. St. Denis, Dr. Gaus, and Dr. Camaione can also practice in the 32 U.S. states that have adopted PSYPACT into law.  A current list of these states can be found here: PSYPACT states


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