About Us

Our Anxiety Specialists

Molly St. Denis, Psy.D.  Tom Gaus, Psy.D.  Michael Stein, Psy.D.  Victoria Rellas, M.A.
Anxiety/OCD Specialists

We are a team of anxiety therapists in Denver, CO that have devoted our careers to helping people end the suffering caused by anxiety and OCD.  We are passionate about our work and strive to be excellent at what we do, so you can feel confident that you are getting the best quality of care available.

What makes us unique?

1. We are highly specialized.

Our practice is unusual in that we are focused exclusively on helping people with anxiety and OCD.  Most therapists are generalists, meaning they treat people with lots of different types of problems.   But anxiety and OCD are not like other problems.  They offer unique challenges that often require the help of a specialist. Because we have spent our careers focusing on anxiety and OCD, we have more experience and have successfully treated more people with these problems than most generalists.  We understand anxiety better and we know how to treat it better.  This is why we are likely to be effective for you even if you’ve previously found other attempts at therapy unsuccessful.

We successfully help many clients who have not had therapy work for them before.


2.  We get real results by using Exposure Therapy.

Decades of research have shown that Exposure Therapy is the most effective treatment for all types of anxiety and OCD.  Unfortunately, training in this method is hard to obtain, so very few therapists actually use it.  But we have spent our entire careers specializing in Exposure Therapy specifically for anxiety and OCD.  We know how to tailor this powerful, effective treatment so it will work for you.


3.  We have almost certainly seen your type of anxiety or OCD before.

Most people who come to see us feel crazy for having their anxiety.  Many of our clients come in thinking that they must be the only person in the world to have the thoughts that they have.  But because we have treated so many people with anxiety and OCD, it is unlikely that your fears will be something we haven’t seen and treated successfully many times before. Bottom line: Your thoughts may seem crazy to you, but not to us.  And we know what to do about them.


4. We do not just sit there and listen to you: We show you the exact steps to take to get relief from your anxiety.

We understand that you are coming into therapy because you want to make your anxiety go away.   So we will not merely sit and talk to you about the anxiety, we will show you what to DO about it. We will demonstrate and practice with you exactly what steps to take when you get anxious so that your anxiety gets better.   We will clearly explain what to do and why it will work.  Our goal in our counseling is to help you start getting relief from anxiety as quickly as possible.


5. We give extra support between therapy sessions.

Because we are committed to making sure your anxiety therapy works, we are happy to answer questions and offer guidance between sessions via phone or email.   We will do whatever it takes to help you get better.


6. We have some appointments available in the evenings and on Saturdays.

We know that many of our clients have busy schedules that make it difficult or impossible to come in during work or school hours.  So we are happy to schedule sessions on Saturdays and weekday evenings to make things easier on you.

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