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Anxiety/OCD Specialists

We are anxiety specialists who get results.

Is anxiety taking over your life or your child’s life? Does it feel like you can’t control it no matter how hard you try? Have you tried anxiety therapy or medication already but found it ineffective?

Anxiety Solutions of Denver can help. We are a team of Denver psychologists and therapists specializing in anxiety and OCD. We offer the most effective form of anxiety treatment, which typically works relatively quickly. You or your child deserve to get relief from anxiety.

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Anxiety Counseling
for Adults

Our research-proven treatment methods can help you:

  • Dramatically reduce anxiety.
  • Do anything without anxiety stopping you.
  • Finally feel normal again.

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Anxiety Counseling
for Children & Teens

Our treatment techniques have been proven effective for children and teens. We can help:

  • Dramatically reduce your child’s anxiety.
  • Get them back on track in school.
  • Show you exactly what to do when your child gets anxious.

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Children & Teens


Testimonials: What Our Clients Say about Us

These quotes come from real clients who have completed therapy with us.

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  • Dr. Stein completely changed my life. I am happier and healthier both mentally and physically than I have ever been. I have never had a doctor as committed to helping his patients as Dr. Stein.
  • I’ve been in therapy off and on for years and was pretty skeptical that this would work, but I had a coworker recommend Anxiety Solutions to me so I figured I’d give them a shot. The approach was so different than all other anxiety treatments I’ve tried, and it was amazing. I had less than 10 sessions, and I felt like a different person. It’s still holding months later, too. I cannot thank Anxiety Solutions enough!
  • Excellent care. Helped me manage my anxiety crisis while finding solutions for the future.
  • The active approach taken was very effective and had immediate positive impacts on my anxiety. I am now able to live more in the moment and not spend the majority of my time worrying. All of my expectations were exceeded.
  • Anxiety Solutions was wonderful and truly helped me with my anxiety.
  • Week by week I found my OCD and anxieties slowly fade and ultimately made a full recovery to my normal self. The thing I liked most about Dr. Stein was I felt he truly understood my OCD/anxious mind.
  • I am very thankful to not have to live with persistent anxiety every day anymore. After 6 years of anxiety I am glad to finally have worked through it.

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Testimonials: What Other Professionals Say About Us

We have a reputation in the Denver community for getting results for clients with anxiety and OCD.

See what other practitioners say about us:

Our anxiety treatment really works

Sure, almost all therapists say they treat anxiety.

But we are specialists in anxiety.

We ONLY treat clients with anxiety.

AND, we use the most effective approach, proven to get results.

We are action-oriented. We won’t just talk to you about your anxiety, we will show you exactly what to DO about it.

We specialize in Exposure Therapy, which studies have shown to be the most effective treatment for all types of anxiety.

We are among the few therapists in Denver who have been trained in this proven technique. Our clients repeatedly tell us that they had been to therapy before, but their anxiety did not get any better until they worked with us. Click here to read our client success stories.

Types of anxiety that we treat:

Click on any of the blue buttons below for more information for adults with each type of anxiety. Click on any of the green buttons for more information about children and teens with that type of anxiety.


And more… we help people with all kinds of anxiety and fears.


Success Stories

Read the stories of real clients who got results with Anxiety Solutions of Denver:

Tom’s Success Story:

From Non-Stop Worry to Finally Being Able to Enjoy Life

Tom had always been a worrier.

He worried all the time about his job performance, his relationship with his girlfriend, his finances…even if he felt ok about one thing, his mind would always come up with something else for him to worry about. It took him forever to make decisions.  He felt like he needed to be certain about everything. 

Even if he could get himself reassured about one thing, his mind would always bring up another worry. He felt anxious pretty much all the time.  

Eventually, Tom realized he needed a specialist in therapy for anxiety. He heard about Anxiety Solutions of Denver’s unique approach to counseling for generalized anxiety and decided to give it a try.

Using the skills we showed him in therapy, Tom got much better at pushing his worry off and ending the worry cycle instead of obsessing on things. After a few sessions, Tom was feeling less worried and his anxiety subsided.  He said he felt like he was finally starting to enjoy life again.

Click here to read Tom’s full story…



Amy’s Success Story:

From Severe Panic Attacks Crippling Her Life to Being Panic-Free

Amy suffered from intense panic attacks. She would go through episodes where her heart would start to race rapidly and she felt like she couldn’t breathe.

She worried that an attack could make her pass out, or maybe even kill her.  She went to the doctor and even the ER. But every time, the doctors would tell her she was perfectly healthy. This just led to even more confusion. 

Amy became so afraid of the panic attacks that they took over her life. She shut down, avoiding situations she knew might cause her to panic. Her life became much smaller than before.

One of Amy’s doctors suggested that it might be anxiety, and sent her to see Anxiety Solutions of Denver for help.

After several counseling sessions with us, Amy’s panic attacks stopped.

Amy was so relieved to finally understand her panic attacks and know what to do about them. She successfully implemented the strategies we showed her and was amazed at how well they worked.

She got back to living her full, normal life, free from the crippling anxiety. She said she finally felt like herself again.

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Note: In order to protect the confidentiality of our clients, each of the above stories is a combination of the stories of several real clients.  The names and any potential identifying information have also been changed.

Meet Our Team Of Anxiety Specialists

Dr. Michael Stein, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Michael Stein, Psy.D.

I am an anxiety and OCD therapist in Denver specializing in adults and teens with anxiety and OCD. I love my work. I enjoy treating anxiety and OCD and chose to specialize in this area because therapy for anxiety disorders is very effective, and because I discovered I had a knack for it early on in my doctoral training. My core values as a therapist are effectiveness, integrity, and service.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University and my Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver.  I founded and have served as President of the International OCD Foundation’s Denver affiliate, OCD Greater Denver.

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Dr. Aaron Hudyma, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Aaron Hudyma, Ph.D.

I am a therapist who specializes in helping individuals who are suffering with anxiety and OCD. I was fortunate to discover exposure therapy and other evidence based approaches to anxiety during my graduate training and was immediately drawn to their effectiveness and practicality. Witnessing people becoming liberated from these experiences is one of the greatest sources of satisfaction in my professional life.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato, a master’s degree in Counseling and Human Resource Development from South Dakota State University, and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver. During my doctoral education, I was trained and worked at Anxiety Solutions of Denver treating anxiety, OCD, trichotillomania, and skin-picking disorders.

I live in Denver with my wife and enjoy cooking, running (i.e. meandering), reading print books and magazines, tinkering with technology, and searching for great Mexican food!

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Dr. Dani Haberman, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Dani Haberman, Psy.D.

I approach anxiety treatment with a sense of humor and work hard to help my clients get the relief that I feel everyone deserves. I strive to help people feel accepted for exactly who they are while working together to learn how to take oneself (and particularly one’s mind and negative thoughts) a little less seriously. I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the Psy.D program at the University of Denver. During my doctoral training, I worked at Anxiety Solutions of Denver treating a variety of anxiety disorders, OCD, trichotillomania, and skin-picking disorders.   

I live in Denver with my husband, and I am an avid fan of the great indoors. #couchlife! We love spending time with our dogs, eating delicious food, and taking it easy.

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Dr. Tyler Camaione, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Dr. Tyler Camaione, Psy.D.

I choose to work with anxiety and OCD because I want to help people live their lives more fully. I trained at Anxiety Solutions during my graduate training and grew to admire the effort and bravery of my clients working to overcome anxiety and OCD. I enjoy the work so much that I decided to return to Anxiety Solutions and spend my career helping people with anxiety.

I received my doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver. I previously received a master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver. I completed my predoctoral internship with the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the Federal Correctional Institute in Tallahassee, Florida. 

In my free time, I enjoy pursuing strength training (specifically powerlifting), as I enjoy the personal challenge, achievement, mental toughness, and consistency required to improve. I am the owner of a wonderful chocolate Labrador, named Jake, who has been a constant companion for the last seven years. I am also an avid reader, gamer (both video games and table-top/board games), and tennis player. I am also a huge Baltimore Ravens fan, which, given that I was raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA, has always had hilarious results during rivalry games.

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Abby Jay, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Abby Jay, M.A.

In my work I am passionate about exploring and illuminating the nuance of each person’s life in a collaborative and effective process. My interest in working specifically with anxiety and OCD is their universal impact on so many lives. I enjoy the process of effectively creating a new normal alongside those overwhelmed by the everyday normal.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Brevard College and then received my master in Forensic Psychology from the University of Denver. I am currently in my third year of the University of Denver’s doctoral program in Clinical Psychology, where I have completed externship rotations at Denver County Jail, Mt. Carmel Veteran Service Center, and the Sturm Center.

I am a born and raised South Carolinian, so still find it impossible to not use the word “y’all.” Since moving away from the heat and humidity of the South, I have enjoyed spending all my down time with my dog and my sister, exploring Colorado. For us exploration includes hiking, shopping, or enjoying some good food and entertainment. I like to wrap up my day with a good book or video game.

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Emanuel Hermosillo, OCD and anxiety therapist serving Denver, Colorado

Emanuel Hermosillo, M.A.

My interest in anxiety originally started in my graduate training with a class dedicated specifically to anxiety disorders. Since then, I have spent a majority of my clinical experience working with behavioral modalities of therapy, which are used for anxiety. I find it important to approach each client with empathy, humility, and a focus on effective living.

I am a Spanish-speaking anxiety and OCD therapist and am happy to offer our services to Spanish-speaking clients.

I earned my master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver and my bachelor’s degree in Biological Basis of Behavior from the University of Pennsylvania. I am currently in my third year at the University of Denver’s doctoral program in Clinical Psychology where I have completed externships at Mile High Continuing Care and Salud Family Health Centers in addition to treating clients at DU’s Professional Psychology Clinic.

When I’m not working or studying I enjoy spending my time hiking with my dog, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends (virtually of course), reading a book, or playing video games.

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