Child/Teen Social Anxiety

Children’s Social Anxiety Therapists in Denver

We can help your child overcome social anxiety.

Is your child excessively shy? Do they have trouble making friends?

If you are worried because you see your child suffering with social anxiety, there is good news:

Counseling with an experienced social anxiety specialist really works.

Research shows that children and teens with social anxiety respond very well to our unique, specialized treatment methods.

It can be so painful and frustrating as a parent to watch your child pass up opportunities to make friends.

Perhaps they get invited to parties and sleepovers but don’t want to go. They may have a few close friends but refuse to branch out beyond this limited social circle. They probably seem pretty quiet…but it can be confusing, because they may be animated and talkative in some situations, but shy and reserved in others.

Children with social anxiety can be quite stubborn: you might have a hard time getting them to go to parties, sports, or even school. You are sympathetic to their pain but also frustrated and maybe even angry with them.

You wish they would just open up and make more friends so they can be happier, but you just can’t get them to do it.

Some common characteristics that parents often notice in children and teens with social anxiety:

  • They get embarrassed easily.
  • They avoid spending time with peers outside of a few close friends. 
  • Excessive self-consciousness: They feel like everyone is watching them and judging them.
  • They are shy and have a hard time making new friends.
  • Over-sensitivity to criticism: They are anxious about being criticized and get very upset when receiving negative feedback, even if it’s presented gently.
  • Fear of going to school: They may ask you to let them stay home or come pick them up early on certain days. They might even act sick or refuse to go to school.
  • They don’t like going to crowded places with lots of people, like the mall or restaurants.
  • They frequently refuse invitations to parties or other social activities.

If your child is exhibiting any of these symptoms, you have probably tried hard to get them out of their comfort zone. Perhaps you’ve even taken them to a therapist before but nothing changed.

You might feel hopeless that anything can get them out of their shell. But there is hope…

At Anxiety Solutions, we use unique treatment methods that are PROVEN to reduce social anxiety in children and teens

We know how to relate to children and teens with social anxiety. We can help them:

  • Reduce or eliminate social anxiety
  • Feel comfortable with their peers
  • Be less sensitive to criticism and feedback
  • Start going to parties and accepting social invitations
  • Feel confident in social situations
  • Open up and be more talkative
  • Make more friends
  • Stop trying to avoid school
  • Enjoy life and feel normal

After using our proven treatment methods, your child can have a normal, happy social life. You will see them open up and blossom in front of your eyes. They will be more easygoing and content. They will be happier, which will make you happier as a parent.

Why choose us to help your child or teen with their social anxiety?

Because we are anxiety specialists.

Unlike most therapists, who treat clients with a wide variety of psychological issues, our practice is focused solely on treating anxiety and related problems.

This means that we have spent much more time helping children and teens with social anxiety than your average therapist. We have more knowledge, more experience, and a bigger track record of success with social anxiety. We know how to get kids and teens (even stubborn ones!) moving and out of their comfort zone.

Click here to learn more about what makes us different from other therapists.

We also use the most well-researched, proven technique for helping kids with social anxiety: Exposure Therapy.

In Exposure Therapy, we go above and beyond what most therapists do for kids with social anxiety:

We actively practice social skills with your child with real people outside of our office.

Very few therapists in the areas where we are located use this valuable technique of actually going out of the office to practice talking to real people. We believe there is no better way to increase a child’s social skills and confidence than to go out and practice for real with a supportive partner to guide them.

Because we use this unique, active approach, we have success even with children and teens who have tried other types of therapy before but found them unhelpful.

Click here to learn more about Exposure Therapy

No matter how anxious your child is or how helpless you feel, we are confident that we can help them overcome their social anxiety and enjoy a normal, fun social life.

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