Panic Attacks

Panic Attack Therapists in Denver

Put a Stop to Your Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be extremely scary and painful, but you do NOT have to suffer with them.

Research shows that the vast majority of people suffering from anxiety attacks can dramatically reduce or eliminate their attacks with proper treatment.

This requires an experienced psychologist or therapist who specializes in panic and anxiety and is trained in proven treatment techniques.


If you are suffering from panic attacks, you are probably desperate for relief. You get intense rushes of anxiety that seem like they come out of nowhere. Perhaps you wonder if something is seriously wrong with you.

You may have gone to the doctor or even the emergency room. Maybe the doctors ran some tests and told you everything is fine. But you think if there’s nothing wrong, why do you keep having these anxiety attacks? It can make you feel crazy.

The symptoms of panic attacks can be overwhelming.

Your heart races.

You feel dizzy and light-headed.

It becomes harder for you to breathe.

You feel like you have no control over your body.

You fear you are going to pass out, or worse: that the attack could kill you.

The panic could be shutting down your life. Perhaps you’ve stopped going to certain places or doing some things because you’re afraid they’ll trigger an anxiety attack. You might even stop doing normal things like driving or going to the grocery store.

You feel trapped. You don’t understand what’s happening to you. You want to live your normal life but you’re too afraid.

Most of all…

You want the panic attacks to stop.

At Anxiety Solutions, our entire practice is focused on helping people with anxiety. Most of our clients have tried other types of therapy before, but found them ineffective.

Here are some things our panic clients say when they first call us for counseling:

  • “The panic attacks are AWFUL. I just want them to stop!”
  • “My anxiety is out of control. I am afraid I’m always going to feel this way.”
  • “I don’t know what to do when I start panicking.”
  • “I’m so afraid to even leave my house because I don’t want to have an attack.”
  • “I’m scared to drive on the highway because I worry I might pass out while driving.”
  • “Sometimes my heart races and my breathing becomes so fast that I feel like I am going to die.”
  • “Is this actually anxiety or is something wrong with my body?”
  • “Even when I’m not in a full-blown panic attack, I’m anxious all the time.
  • “I never used to feel this way. I don’t understand why this is happening.”
  • “I just want to feel normal again. I feel hopeless sometimes.”

At Anxiety Solutions, Our Anxiety Therapists Know How to Successfully Treat Panic and Anxiety…

And we have a track record to prove it.

If panic attacks are making life impossible to enjoy, we can help you:

  • Eliminate your panic attacks.
  • Be able to do anything without the fear of an attack stopping you.
  • Go to the places and situations you’ve been avoiding without panicking.
  • Drive normally and comfortably again.
  • Sleep better.
  • Feel more at ease and at peace with yourself.
  • Finally feel like your normal self again.

Why are we best-suited to help you with your panic attacks?

Because we are anxiety specialists.

100% of our practice is devoted to treating people with anxiety.

This means that we have more experience and success treating panic attacks than your average therapist. We understand how debilitating and scary panic can be and we know how to help you.

We are effective because all of our time is devoted to studying anxiety and providing anxiety counseling.

Click here to learn more about what makes us unique as anxiety counselors. 

It also means that we use Exposure Therapy, which research has shown to be the most effective treatment for panic attacks. We guide you through your fears until you gradually feel less and less fear and panic.

Click here to learn more about Exposure Therapy. 

Suffering with panic attacks can feel hopeless, but it doesn’t have to.

Panic attacks can be stopped.

You CAN get back to a normal, happy, healthy life.

But you’ll probably need our professional help to do it. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle any longer. Therapy with a panic specialist can help you get your life back on track.

If you are ready to get relief from your panic and anxiety, contact us and we’ll get started.

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